Mitle Southey


Circle Holder

Mitlé guides and supports wild-hearted folk to remember the ancient practice of circles and reimagine them to hold transformational gatherings for their clients and communities in these times. 

She is a Circle Holder, Inspired EFT practitioner and former lawyer, who brings a unique blend of the practical, ethical and mystical to remembering the ancient tradition of gathering in Circle and co-creating a modern movement of circle holders.

She is dedicated to social justice, equity and intersectional feminism and founded Circle School to help others to hold powerful, inclusive and accessible gatherings online and in-person. Her Vision is that Circles are embraced by organisations, businesses, institutions and governments as potent cauldrons for communication, connection, collaboration, co-creation, ceremony, change and circular-leadership.

She is a sought-after guest teacher on holding space and women's circles.