Christina Pratt


Healer, Author, and Teacher

Christina Lee Pratt is a healer, author, and teacher of exceptional clarity, humor, and practicality. At Last Mask Center she is pioneering new shamanic techniques to deal with complex trauma, the healing of our ancestral lines, and initiation of our young into spiritual adulthood. LMC offers healing sessions, online classes, and in person retreats.

Christina is the host of the international, live-Internet radio show Why Shamanism Now and the author of the two-volume set “An Encyclopedia of Shamanism”, and a presenter in Shamanic Summits, including those for Shift Network and Sounds True. Our mission is to bring the foundational wisdom of the ancient peoples into our contemporary lives to heal, innovate, and become the medicine needed in our time. As diverse humans together, we can create a world in which all life flourishes and we hold sacred the responsibility to be sustainable and just in our every action.