Charna Cassell


Psychotherapist, Writer and Teacher

Charna Cassell has helped people heal and celebrate their sexuality over the past 25+ years; first as a sex educator and sex toy clerk at Good Vibrations, then as a teacher, trainer, workshop leader, somatic coach, and bodyworker, and now, as a psychotherapist specializing in working with trauma. Beyond a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, she acquired tools to guide others by healing her own sexual trauma and reclaiming her body and self-expression. In addition to writing articles, Charna is currently writing a book, The Authentic Yes: 6 Steps to Sexual Freedom. The book is part memoir, case study, and exercises that guide you back to yourself. She is also recording a podcast, LAIDopen, focused on what enhances and hinders sexual freedom, illuminating the messy truths about what it means to have a sex life after trauma. She is in private practice in Oakland, California. You can learn more at