Welcome to the Healing Sexual Trauma Summit!
Summit runs October 25-November 5, 2021

Welcome to the Healing Sexual Trauma Summit!

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With this powerful summit package, you will receive the following:

Downloadable VIDEO recordings of EVERY conversation in the summit

Downloadable AUDIO Recordings of EVERY conversation in the summit

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Copy of Marcy Little’s brand NEW book Naked: My Body’s Story in eBook format

Copy of the accompanying workbook: Your Body’s Story

Here’s a taste of what you will discover as you dive into these interviews:

  • The three stages of recovery from sexual trauma
  • To recognize physical versus mental triggers
  • The importance of embodiment in the healing process
  • How to develop agency in, and ownership, and control of your own body
  • To stop letting the past define your present
  • How nervous system regulation = gentle trauma integration
  • To overcome shut-down and numbness
  • The importance of going slow and setting boundaries
  • The power of your own voice
  • A successful three-staged somatic experiencing approach used to heal victims of sex-trafficking
  • How unresolved sexual trauma effects the autoimmune system
  • To use neuroscience to heal
  • A framework for freedom
  • How cutting strands can release you from life-long triggers 
  • How to shift your mindset to experience more freedom
  • Movement strategies to help you break the pain loop, and find new equilibrium so you can feel safe and enjoy your life
  • How your libido is a gage of vitality
  • Orgasmic confidence
  • Why sexual trauma haunts people long after it is over

“...a powerful lesson in how to live in and with a body that has a history.”
— Leah Shafer, PhD

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